We hold our Glass Company Rally every year. With great dedication, young people from the age of 14 can try out different stations at a number of different stations, which can be done on the construction site. Special thanks go to our apprentices and staff every year who help out at all stations.

A pencil holder is drawn in 3D and later built under guidance of wood, concrete and metal. An invoice is created together with the bookkeeping. Of course, it is also concreted, bricked and paved, pipe pieces assembled and tested, whether they are also tight. With great skill, the young people can operate a mini-excavator under the guidance of a well-trained and secure doctor in the hospital to gain an overview of the company premises. In the car repair shop, they go to the troubleshooting on the vehicles and the metal workers can bottle engravers with names are engraved.

We from the company Glass are always having fun and are thrilled how cleverly the girls and boys at all stations solve the tasks and what are the questions asked. In the end, everyone can take home a prize and their own pencil holder.

We hope to welcome one or the other of the young people during an internship or apprenticeship with us!